Terms of Entry

From time to time, some of the admins wander around taking photos of the goings-on at Switch. In fact in the past you may have seen some of these photos making their way around facebook. However, we believe in protecting your privacy, so we figured we'd give you a heads up as to where these pictures actually end up and to make sure you are happy for us to use them. Que legal speak:

By attending SwitchLANs, you give the admins permission to use any photos taken of you for the purposes of reporting on and advertising SwitchLANs. You should be aware that these photos could be used on facebook, on our website, or similar public places. Some of our admins at times give talks to community groups, where photos may appear in a powerpoint slide show to demonstrate what happens at our events.

You are aware that SwitchLANs will use the photos taken of you in good judgment and as agreed to. You have the right to revoke permission for use at any time.

By attending, you agree to allow SwitchLAN admins to take photos containing you.